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No Limit Ships Work ships

Why our Work ships?

  • Our ships are built specifically as hydrographic research ships, crew tenders, for offshore, wind farm and my other applications.
  • With our ships you’re able to complete jobs 3 to 4 times faster than with traditional work ships
  • The work ships we build are extremely sea worthy and maneuverable
  • Our ships distinguish themselves with their extreme safety and reliability
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No Limit Ships yachts

Why our yachts?

  • Our yachts are proven to be extremely safe, reliable and comfortable.
  • Our ships have their own character and unique design.
  • Our ships distinguish themselves from the rest of the market by being of the best quality.
  • Our ship yard is unmatched in customization. We can modify your ship so that it becomes uniquely yours.
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About No Limit work ships

“Our work vessels are multifunctional. We have the knowledge and experience to apply the necessary functionality of the ship to your requirements”

Piet Wierenga, responsible for commercial sales

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About No Limit yachts

“Designing and building ships is our passion and we gladly work side by side along with you, together onwards towards safe sailding.”

Hans Molenaar, responsible for the private sales

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