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Geo Connection at Ras Laffan.

Geplaatst op 1 August 2016

The Geo Connection has been chartered by Boskalis Westminster to provide a multi-purpose survey platform supporting their scope of work on the Flow Assurance Expansion Project (FAP-X) in Ras Laffan, Qatar. This includes the dredging, burial and protection measures of pipelines during the shore approach.
Mobilised at the beginning of June the Geo Connection was fitted with all required safety equipment related to QP standards including all H2S monitoring and escape equipment.
The Geo Connection then completed and passed both the MUA (Marine Unit Acceptance) audit from Ras Gas and the OVID audit by RLIC to enable the site work permits to be issued.

Due to the flexibility of the No Limits vessels the scope of work for the Geo Connection was a combination of survey platform and 24 hour standby / crew transfer vessel supporting the Boskalis dredger Colbart. Utilising the dual head 3002 Kongsberg multibeam combined with the Octans 4 MRU we are able to provide an efficient shallow water survey solution in an extended weather window on the shore approach, common pipeline corridor into Ras Laffan.
The vessel has also been used to assist with the installation of environmental monitoring and environmental protection measures relating to sensitive turtle breeding and nesting grounds close to the worksite.